How to choose the perfect light garland for your Christmas tree
A Christmas tree without its twinkling lights is not a Christmas tree. But you do not want your tree to be erratically illuminated, do you?

So, how to choose the perfect light garland? 

In this article we list all the points.

First, it is important to know the size of your tree. Based on the tree size you can determine the length of the light garland. The table below gives an overview of the recommended garland length according to the height of your tree.


120 cm6 - 8 metres
150 cm8 - 12 metres
180 cm10 - 18 metres
210 cm24 metres
240 cm36 metres

Besides length, light density is the next criterium to take into consideration. Do you want your Christmas tree to emit an intense light, or do you want it as an accent lighting in the room? Depending on your preference, go for a standard, high or extreme density. The higher the density, the more lights will twinkle in your tree.

Lastly, determine which mood will complete the decoration of the room. Do you like a cold white light to match your modern interior? Or maybe a cosy warm white glow? If you prefer to cheer up the room with some colours, take a look at the multicolour light garlands.Vellight's range consists of five product lines, for indoor and outdoor use.

An overview of the different options :

- Essential lightingThese traditional light garlands are available in different densities, dimensions and colours.

- Unique lightingThis range offers practical customized solutions for your Christmas tree, furniture or even housefront.

- Modular lightingIlluminate larger surfaces with this coupling system.

- Smart lightingCreate the desired Christmas mood with an app on your smartphone.

- Deco lightingIlluminate every room with the cosy lighting of your choice.

Choose your favourite Christmas lighting and have the most wonderful time of the year!

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